Are Ready-To-Move Flats in Ghaziabad a Good Real Estate Investment?

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September 27, 2021
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October 26, 2021

Are Ready-To-Move Flats in Ghaziabad a Good Real Estate Investment?

flats in ghaziabad

Resale flats are advantageous. Why? Well, primarily because you can save the hefty amount of money you end up spending annually in paying your rent. In the capital city, Delhi, the rental rates are ever-increasing and will continue to be so- there’s no two-way about it. Consequently, having your own home is always a better choice instead of spending lacs and lacs of amount on paying rent. Moreover, you get to shift to these accommodations instantly, obtain a good discount rate on them and some of them are even as good as new. So, what’s there to lose? Nothing at all! 

Ghaziabad, the Smart City of the national capital, is gaining popularity with every passing day. And, it will do so in the future years. More and more people are looking for various types of accommodations, here in this city. And surveys have revealed, ready to move flats in Ghaziabad are in huge demand among property buyers as much as newly developing properties. 

What Are The Direct Benefits of Resale Properties in Ghaziabad?

There are several factors that determine the price of ready to move flats in Ghaziabad such as locality, the developer company, age of the flat, and much more. 

Purchasing resale properties can be highly beneficial in certain ways. Whether it is ready-to-move-in, newly constructed, older flat or an under-construction flat, each of these have their own distinct and unique advantages. 

  • Firstly, the constant snowballing of property prices does not allow the income-conscious citizen to purchase properties all the time. Ready-to-move-in flats, therefore, act as a silver lining for such property buyers as they are offered at a cheaper rate. 
  • Moving to ready-to-move-in flats calls for a lot of savings which otherwise would be spent on paying huge amounts of rent to the landlord. Sometimes, tenants end up paying for both EMI and the rent for the dwellings if they are under construction specifically. 
  • The biggest advantage of buying resale properties lies in the fact that there are no sugar-coated or hidden features in this specific real estate market. Everything that the buyer sees with his own eyes will be owned once the flat purchasing is completed. 
  • Last but not least, the buyer also receives property tax benefits right from the first EMI because of the immediate possession feature. 

How do you choose to buy a resale property? 

If you are confused about the factors which you need to consider while buying a resale property, here are a few tips that can help you make the process a productive one: 

  • The age of the property is an important factor to be kept in mind. It should ideally be between 1-5 years or 10 years at the maximum. 
  • The developer company and its quality factor must be checked. A brief background checking of the same must be done. 
  • The reason behind the sale is also a major factor to be considered. This helps you to uncover the issues behind the property, in case there are any. 
  • The locality is yet another factor that must be checked thoroughly. The amenities available in the surrounding area play a huge role while making your final decision. 

In a nutshell, if all the above-mentioned points work in your favour, then investing in ready to move flats in Ghaziabad will be a good decision. It helps you save a lot of money and also time as you do not have to wait endlessly for a project to get completed. 

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