Some Challenges In Implementing The Rental Housing Policy In Delhi-NCR

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April 11, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Some Challenges In Implementing The Rental Housing Policy In Delhi-NCR

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It is 2018 and still, the issues of real estate are on the verge of expansion. Despite several amounts of losses the real estate industry is facing, still, problems never seem to end. In India, Affordable housing has been the prime motto. On every road banner, you will see at least one ad depicting the same.

Also, for at least 3 years, the main focus of the government was on such thing. And, with the growing increment in the population, people should get some kind of house to rest themselves in. By 2022, the government has promised to give the house to each and every citizen of India and even the Delhi NCR.

Rental housing Policy Insights

In Delhi-NCR, real estate agents are facing a sudden crisis in their working metrics. Millions of the properties are unsold and people are finding some way or the other. Hence, the builders are majorly suffering in such crisis.

Now, on the basis of the government reports, nearly 18.78 million are yet to be built. Well, such a number is surely humongous and something has to be done on a serious note.

The Delhi-NCR region has got the most number of unsold properties which is later followed by Mumbai. Hence, the government is looking to focus solely on rental housing and is an essential thing in social welfare. Under such rental policy, plenty of the low budget projects will be included. Thus, such things will make buying house easier in Delhi-NCR as well as in many other cities.

As of now, till the rental policy is successfully enacted, you can hunt for some great Affordable Apartments in the Delhi-NCR region. Such is a time when you can get the very best deals and discount, you will surely relish. Till then, it will be a thrill to see what the government has for Delhi-NCR as well as for the whole nation.

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