Factors To Choose The Correct Apartment in a Hi-Rise Building

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Factors To Choose The Correct Apartment in a Hi-Rise Building

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You may have zeroed in on the hi-rise building you wish to own an apartment and live in, but the real dilemma lies in which floor to go for. The National Capital, like most other cities of India, is growing vertically, and developers are coming up with more and more high-rise buildings to be able to accommodate more families in the same size of land. 

So, if you are a home buyer and want to buy apartment in Delhi NCR, you must be aware of which floor will be best suited for you. We have put together a few factors that will help you decide which floor to choose, that will suit your lifestyle better. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Right Floor in a Hi-Rise Building 

  1. View: ‘The View’ is undeniably the first and foremost factor to consider when choosing the right floor for your apartment. If the building is located in a scenic place, then, of course, higher floors will have a better view and especially if that is one thing which is important for you. 
  2. Noise: Delhi is a noisy city and there’s no doubt about that. So, when you buy apartment in Delhi NCR, how can you avoid all that noise to get those few moments of peace and serenity. Higher floors in a building always minimize the street noise and the noise coming from other occupants, especially if there’s a common passage. However, you can also go for a ground floor apartment provided there’s no common hallway or elevators, or clubhouses, etc. Or else, the noise can really be an issue. 
  3. Rent Returns: Although surveys reveal that lower floors offer better rental returns, you can opt for an apartment on these floors only if you are buying it for investment purposes. In such cases, the ground floor works as the best floor for people looking for rented houses in Delhi, NCR because of the climatic differences. 
  4. Accessibility: when in hurry or amidst emergency situations, waiting for the elevator can be daunting and annoying to a great extent. However, living on the ground floor or lower floors can eliminate this feeling where you can comfortably opt to take the stairs. 
  5. Security: This depends entirely on the structure of the building and the safety measures adopted by the management and administration. Nonetheless, higher floors offer better safety compared to lower floors. 
  6. Consumption of Energy: One biggest disadvantage of owning apartments on higher floors is that the power consumption increases as you go higher. This is due to the continuous use of air-conditioners during the longer duration of summer and also because motor pumps consume high power for drawing water on higher floors. 
  7. Light and Ventilation: While light and ventilation are limited in the lower floors, apartments on higher floors are devoid of this issue. 
  8. Water Seepage: It has been observed that the topmost floor and the ground floor of a building suffer the most from water seepage and issues. However, that also considerably depends on the drainage and sanitary mechanism taken up by the builders and management. 

Family Size: This is a big determinant when it comes to choosing the perfect floor suiting your needs. Opt for an apartment that is comfortable for kids and your family members, because all of this comes together in the convenience factor.

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