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When And How To File A Complaint In RERA – Bharatcity Blog

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In the recent trend of change, one of the most important addition has been the implementation of the RERA Act that has provided the new home buyers with an optimism like never before. Under this act, the consumers can be absolutely sure that their requests will be fulfilled. But then, the next question arises, how? How exactly do you file a case or a complaint under RERA?

Filing A Complaint Under RERA

There are certain ‘state rules’ that need to be followed if anyone wants to file a case under RERA Act. The application for the case is also provided online so that people can make their efforts in filing a complaint with the few details in mind. The particulars of the person making the application and the respondent have to be provided there along with the address and the registration number of the particular project about which the complaint is made. Certain facts and claims also have to be mentioned.

Now there are certain cases that are already pending under the NCDRC and are waitingfor the final settlement. And for that, the applicant of the pending cases are allowed to withdraw their cases and proceed with them to the RERA.

There is no definite time frame for the cases that are to be registered under RERA. However, there are certain factors that can make the time frame under this Act vary. And for that, an interim relief will be provided after approaching the RERA Act.

There are many benefits that come by filing a complaint under the RERA such as you get a transparent adjudication. Everything that happens is informed and under the law. There is a certain discipline maintained by the promoters.

Filing a case under the RERA Act can be a really beneficial thing for the consumers as they are provided with a transparent judgement and several other advantages.

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