GIS Mapping: Changing the Game for Real Estate

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GIS Mapping: Changing the Game for Real Estate

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With the surfacing of several ideas such as Digitisation and Smart City, the real estate world was also benefited. The goal to digitise each and every process and project related to real estate gave birth to an iconic concept- GIS Mapping. The concept managed to wrap big cities like Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad and most recently Chandigarh.

The creation of this concept was based solely for the better management of records, providing details about ownership, property tax and its registration. And it has started to show its effect too. There are several government projects being planned according to the data recorded in the map.

About GIS Mapping and Its Uses
Made as a computer system meant for capturing, storing, analysing and providing the data based on several positions on the earth, this system has the ability to project several types of data on a single map. The major benefit of this system is that it assists people in the better analysis and understanding of the data captured and turn it into valuable information.

The use of GIS Mapping in several state governments is done to identify the industrial strength of a land based on factors such as size, ease of transportation, water availability and its distance from urban habitats. Apart from that, it provides a means to differentiate the underdeveloped areas from the developed ones.

Also, this system helps in providing necessary information regarding the locations, which are closest to the primary hospitals, schools and grocery stores thereby promoting mass housing situations. All these factors can not only help in the industrial growth of a state or city but also provide its citizens with an improved quality of life.

For the accurate and seamless functioning of the Indian market, GIS Mapping should be adopted. All the industrial establishments as well as other amenities should have a proper labeling in the map. Proper tabulation of transport costs and housing should be done. If conveniently used, GIS Mapping can prove to be a worthy player in the development of the country.

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