Growth of Real Estate in Delhi NCR – Bharatcity

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Growth of Real Estate in Delhi NCR – Bharatcity

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The business of Real-Estate is mainly the profession of buying, selling and renting of buildings, lands and housing. The Real Estate in Delhi NCR provides a number of options including business or residential properties. Reportedly, till November 2017, there was approximately 34 million sq. ft. leasing activity on a PAN-INDIA LEVEL. Now again in 2018, the Real estate is steadily increasing and the competition between the realtors is heating up.

To categorize the kind of properties clearly, we can say that there are four types of Real-Estate – commercial real estate, industrial real estate, residential real estate, and the empty lands such as farms and ranches. Although all of them are important, we will talk about Residential Real Estate in detail here because of its current growth in the market.

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Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate in Delhi NCR may contain single or multi-family building for commercial or non-commercial use. Let’s now take a look at the scope of Residential Real-Estate in Delhi NCR.

Key categories include:

  • Multi-family house- multi-story buildings which contain separate floors and apartments.
  • Apartments or Flats- separate unit within a multi-unit building. The boundary of this unit is definite with lockable doors.
  • Semi-Detached homes
  • Terraced home – a cluster of a few buildings which are attached with each other by the same wall.
  • Duplex- Two units which share the same wall.
  • Cooperative- The ownership in which residents from different housing units own shares in the same cooperation that possesses the property.

Other secondary categories include:

  • Chawls
  • Villas
  • Havelis

These can be measured in square yards, Beegha, Acre etc.

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Sales and Marketing

The brokers of Real Estate in Delhi NCR have become highly proficient in online and offline marketing skills these days. Using social media as a tool to advertise and promote properties have become quite the norm. Realtors are more active than ever on social media to not only see how their advertisement are performing but also to keep an eye on their competitors.

This kind of healthy and open competition has led to more developed projects and housing plans that are not only beneficial for the real estate developers but also for the interested buyers.


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