How to decide the interiors of the house

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September 27, 2019
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How to decide the interiors of the house

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Whether you’ve just bought a new house or giving renovation a thought, deciding the interiors of the house can be a challenging yet interesting task. Interiors of the house include the choice of materials, patterns, and designs, colors and paints, furniture, etc. All of these things decide the mood for the house and it should make the people living in the house feel at ease.

Apart from making people feel comfortable, the interiors of the house should express the people living in the house while providing tranquility. The following are some tips for deciding the interiors of the house.

1)     Lighter colors for smaller rooms

It is an old trick to paint the small rooms in a lighter color. This gives the impression of the room being larger than it is. Smaller rooms should be painted with lighter colors to not make the room look compacts and packed.

2)     Mirrors

Strategic use of mirrors can create optical illusions. They, too, can be used to make a small room appear larger. Decorative mirrors can also fill up empty wall spaces and add dimensions to space.

3)     Mix it up

It’s a good idea to mix things up a bit. An ancient family heirloom could easily be placed near a modern couch. It’s an important fact to remember that a house’s interiors should reflect on the person’s personality and personal style. Also, sometimes it is a good idea to opt for minimalism and go the simple route. This could include simple yet elegant designs and patterns that are peaceful and appealing.

Bharat City’s new Phase 1 project has been inspired by the 12 Sun signs and this offered real estate in Delhi NCR to create thematic moods in the house that are the characteristics of each sign expressed through materials, patterns, and colors.

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