Important Places to see near Bharat City

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Important Places to see near Bharat City

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Delhi, the national capital is known for both its political and historical significance. There are so many pleasurable things to do in the capital of India that often a seven day tour falls short. Located pretty close to Delhi is Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad is the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh and is often referred to as the ‘Gateway of UP’. It is quite an amazing city that aims to entice every single vacationer in a wonderful manner.

Every year lakhs of people look forward to paying a visit to the city of Delhi and the surrounding cities also get to witness the arrival of many visitors. Gh

Some of the most visited tourist attractions that are aziabad is a significant part of the National Capital region of Delhi. located near Bharat City are as follows:

• Jalalabad: It was named after Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, the Mughal Emperor. This is a village that is mainly known for the production of gram, wheat and sugar cane.

• Drizzling Land: This is quite a fun place to be seen at where you will be surrounded by innumerable rides, waterslides and other happening attractions. You are surely going to enjoy quite an amazing time while you are here.

• Indira Priyadarshini Park Ghaziabad: It is located at Arthala and is quite a hit among the people staying in the neighborhood. If you have kids, you can bring then down here as they will enjoy playing around in this beautiful park.

• Dudheshwarnath Mandir: This is one of the holiest places in Ghaziabad and is located pretty close to Bharat City.

• Delhi Fish Aquarium: Over here, you will get the best ever exotic fish and aquarium service.

These are some of the best known places that you would like to see near Bharat City.

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