Investment in Real Estate Property is the Most Considered Choice in India

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May 6, 2020
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Investment in Real Estate Property is the Most Considered Choice in India

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Investment in real estate property is a real charm for investors as compared to other types of investments like gold etc. The reason behind the stability of return on real estate investment and people do prefer to stay in their own homes in India. According to a survey, 28% of Indians like to invest in gold whereas 35% of Indians prefer to invest in real estate property, and rest 37% prefer to invest in fixed deposits and shares.

As we all are familiar with the current situation, The COVID-19 has drastically changed the market. The Indian economy and share market are down. The investment in shares and gold is not stable and risky too. Whether someone is thinking of buying or investing to own a home will really be a good choice as you hold a physical asset and it will be a stable source to save on rent. At the same time, it can be a source of income in the near future. A home is a necessity, everyone needs shelter whether its a rented home or your own home. So as the market is not performing well in the current scenario, still, the demand for a home will never fade.

The real estate market will remain profitable as everyone needs a home, rented, or own home. Due to Covid-19, many have lost their jobs and businessmen are facing the downfall in the income still invest in real estate property seems a reliable source due to its stable ROI.

Due to this pandemic, not even the Indian economy but most of the countries in the world are facing a downfall. NRIs are thinking of investing their money in Indian real estate market due to the value of Indian rupees falling down. At the same time, if in the near future they would like to return to India, they can come back and stay in their own home and till then they can enjoy some rental income through this property.

The real estate industry always strives to bring some new trends. The investment in the real estate industry can never disappear and even if NRI’s would take an interest in investing in Indian real estate property, it will prove a good opportunity for our economy. 

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