Investment Rates In Delhi NCR and Other Cities

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September 11, 2017
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Investment Rates In Delhi NCR and Other Cities

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With the introduction of the new property trends, it is no surprise that there has been a sudden drop in the property prices. And this is one of the most important reasons why the game of the real estate markets have changed exponentially.

As of the now the present investment total is about Rs 16,008 Cr and the reason behind this increase in investments are the new property trends that now rule India. However, it may be interesting for you to know that the top real estate markets of the country have also experienced a rise in the investment. According to reports, out of the total investment, It is the top 7 real estate markets that have gained the most investment of almost Rs13, 500 Cr.

Out of all these markets that one that has gained the most investment is certainly the real estate market in Delhi. The investment of Delhi is almost over Rs5, 800 Cr. However, the other cities are also not lagging behind as the real estate markets of Mumbai and Chennai are tough competitors in the field.

This can be said undoubtedly that Delhi NCR region has faced the worst effects of the real estate market change in the whole country. But it has also profited a lot and hence there is an improvement in the climate of real estate investment in the city. Another good reason for the increase of transparency of the smart city is due to the introduction of new and smart policies.

The various property trends such as the big policy reforms, demonetisation, political and economic stability have resulted in the sudden improvement of the investment sector of the city and certainly, these trends help in the favour of the real estate market.

There are speculations of many other positive effects with the newer policies such as RERA, GST and Benami Property Act which will definitely help in upgrading the real estate market and the industry.

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