Make Your Apartment in Delhi Eco-Friendly with 10 Simple Ways

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September 19, 2018
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October 8, 2018

Make Your Apartment in Delhi Eco-Friendly with 10 Simple Ways


For our planet’s sustainability, eco-friendly is the only way. If each one of us takes small steps towards greener environment, it will add up to play a much larger role to create greener, cleaner and beautiful homes, localities, cities and earth. Apartments For Sale In Delhi NCR to make your space an eco-friendly hub for you.

Here are 10 simple steps you can take up to make your home eco-friendly:

• Living Room
When people Buy Apartment in Delhi NCR, the living room always serves for entertaining guests and for family gatherings. This is the room that gives the homeowner’s taste and preferences at the first place.

1. Use drapes to allow natural light to come in during daytime. If you keep the drapes open in day the electric consumption reduces to 10%.
2. Rugs give your home a class and can keep your home better insulated, reducing the energy bills.

• Kitchen
The kitchen is the most important and most used room yet it can be the energy drainer because of the appliances that are required for operating.

3. To get optimum level of work, keep your refrigerator away from sunlight.
4. Use energy efficient appliances to save 50% of required energy.
5. Segregate waste and dispose them accordingly to contribute towards cleaner and greener environment.


• Bedrooms
After a day of hard work, bedroom is the place to unwind and get recharged. Bedroom brings in our life the sense of calmness.

6. Use fragrances in your bedroom to calm the senses. Go for essential oils instead of chemical sprays for every room.
7. Organic woolen comforters and cotton linen are best for you and also eco-friendly.


• Bathrooms
Don’t leave bathroom from exuding your character and personality. A tidy, well-ventilated and dry bathroom brings positivity to home.
8. Open up the windows of bathroom after use to let the air dry it and stop building up of molds in your bathroom.
9. While you shave and brush, turn off the water taps to save water. Fill up a jar with water to clean up after brushing and shaving.
10. Install a showerhead and low-flow toilet to prevent 30% more water usage.


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