Real Estate Market To Stay Friendly In 2018

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March 7, 2018
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March 21, 2018

Real Estate Market To Stay Friendly In 2018

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As Per The Reports, Real Estate Market To Stay Friendly In 2018 Due To Much More Unsold Housing Units

If we talk about the Delhi NCR region, there is still plenty of the housing units which are unsold and doesn’t have many buyers who can view such properties. Such things can be the beginning of a new revolution all over India. Well, as a buyer, everyone wants the best deals and that too at an affordable price.

The Scenerio

In the recent two years, much of the things have happened in the real estate industry. In 2016, the government of India imposed demonetization which made several people lose their money in some way or the other. During that time period, the real estate market was all dull and there were a minimum set of house buyers who were seeking for a property.

Moving ahead, as long as the real estate market was recovering, the government imposed the GST law which made real estate homes even more costly. Such things were indeed a great setback for real estate property holders and even for the buyers.

If we talk about all over India, Delhi NCR has the largest number of unsold housing units which is around 150,654. Kolkata was reported to be the least unsold housing territory as per some reports.

As we see the current scenario, with such massive number of unsold houses in Delhi NCR, we can expect the prices to go much lower than the usual ones. In this period, if you are the one who wants to buy some great houses, you can choose from different Housing Projects in Delhi NCR where you are bound to get the very best deals altogether.

On the contrary, if you are an investor, you can invest in some great property locations across Delhi NCR and hope for the best returns in 2018 for sure.

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  1. key_rain says:

    Nice post. Does this blog share the actual figure of unsold property?

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